- Since 1873 -

The Du Toit family has lived and farmed on Hanskraal Farm 

Romans 8:28 Amplified Bible (AMP)

“And we know [with great confidence] that God [who is deeply concerned about us] causes all things to work together [as a plan] for good for those who love God, to those who are called according to His plan and purpose.”

Our Story

The du Toit family

AJ & Elmien du Toit are the fourth generation to farm here – and their children, Carli, John and Zani love the farm as much as their proud parents.

In mid 2005, AJ’s frustration grew at the quality of meat he had access to. The family choose to live a healthy lifestyle. But AJ didn’t know where the meat he bought came from. He didn’t know what the animals may have been fed while they were alive. And he didn’t know the kind of conditions these animals had lived in.

He made the decision to change that – by choosing to feed his family quality meat products ONLY from his own farm, from animals raised in this healthy, natural environment.

And so Hanskraal Free Range Chicken was born. 

He started the business with just 50 chicks

– to test the idea that free ranging chickens not only allow the animals to enjoy a good quality of life; but that they also provide wholesome, delicious, quality meals. 

Today he rears around 1000 chicks per month, taking them through various stages of growth on the farm. He refuses to grow the chicken business, in order to maintain strict controls on the quality offered by Hanskraal Free Range.  

Expanding into beef, mutton and pork products

In 2019, AJ had the opportunity rent the Excelsior Farm (which houses its own abattoir), the home of Excelsior Farm Fresh Meat. The Mostert family had built up the brand over a number of decades. And had created a trusted product that was well known for its quality across the Overberg.

The Excelsior brand was the perfect addition to AJ’s Hanskraal Free Range Chicken, because the product met the Du Toit’s motto to only affiliate themselves with the highest quality. Today Excelsior Farm Fresh Meat is incorporated under the Hanskraal Free Range brand.

Hanskraal is not only about our animals…

It’s also about our people and our community.

Hanskraal Free Range creates job opportunities for 26 people. Job satisfaction, trust and enjoyment form the basis of our day-to-day work. We believe in developing strong relationships built on trust, and know that we can only produce quality products in an environment of mutual respect.

That’s why the Hanskraal team strives for good and open work relationships. It’s founded on our Christian principles. And includes a focus on bringing dignity to all who work here – most of whom are breadwinners for their families.

And beyond…

We believe in community – and support causes that capture our hearts. These include projects such as the Kingdom Ambassadors, a non-profit organisation helping orphaned, abused, neglected and vulnerable children in the Overberg. 

Our setting in the Overberg

Hanskraal Free Range Farm is situated in the valley of the Rûens in the Overberg district in South Africa. It’s close to the most southern tip of Africa (our nearest town is the town of Bredasdorp) – and is an important agricultural area. It’s also the ideal space to provide our animals with the opportunity to live in a stress-free environment, and eat only the best, nutritious foods.


What our customers say:

“I have known AJ du Toit for the past 32 years. I consider myself to be very picky when it comes to meat, how it’s processed, and its quality. But I realised years ago that AJ is much more particular than I am. He took that ‘recipe’, and 10 years ago, started the Hanskraal brand. And may I say, he’s taken it to a unprecedented next level.” 

– Gidri Joubert

“I prefer Hanskraal’s chicken products because they offer excellent quality at a competitive price. The quality is especially noticeable when I cook Hanskraal chicken thighs; the chicken doesn’t shrink as is the case with most other brands. Their high standards ensure that you’ll consistently receive a high-quality product.”

– Marié van der Walt

“Hanskraal hoender is heilsaam, vullend en geurig. Elke verpakking is higiënies en pynlik netjies verpak. My gesin én gaste smul keer op keer aan die heerlike hoender: van dytjies en boudjies tot Sondag heel hoender in die oond en smullekker gebraaide sosaties in MSG en suikervrye souse!!” 

– Amri van der Merwe 


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