Chicken with a difference – here’s why…

May 28, 2021 | Tips

In order to create a homely environment for our chickens, and a quality product for you, we do things a little differently at Hanskraal Free Range. Not only do we strive to pack a quality product, but it is also important that our animals are continuously and consistently cared for.

For us, quality is our passion and going free range is our route to achieve that quality.

Here’s how we do things differently – and how it leads to healthier chickens: 


Our chickens are raised in a stress-free environment

We keep our numbers to a strict minimum, so that our chickens have ample space to access and enjoy. They roam freely on our green grass, foraging for natural foods. They can also head back into their chicken houses whenever they choose to do so (especially during spells of rain). At night, all our chickens are kept safe from natural predators in our well-ventilated chicken houses.

You are what you eat (and the same goes for our chickens)

Our free-range animals lead healthier and happier lives with the specially formulated free-range food that we feed them. In the chicken houses, we provide additional natural nutrition to them, which is free of antibiotics and other chemicals.

We believe in the “beak to tail feather” method

Here at Hanskraal, we sell the whole chicken, separate pieces, kebabs, mince, livers, necks and giblets – nothing is wasted. Why? We believe in the “beak to tail feather” method, to prevent any waste and to inspire you to try new chicken cuts in your kitchen.

Healthy options to suit your household

Many of our chicken products are vacuum packed with our famous Peri-Peri or Lemon and Herb sauces. However, if you would rather enjoy products that are free of gluten, then you could opt for our free-range chickens as they are (without sauces), giving you the best, healthiest options available.

Deliveries from our farm, straight to you

Hanskraal Free Range is a family-run business and our meat products are transported directly from our farm in the Rûens in the Overberg (and sourced from trusted partners nearby), to you. We cover five routes across the Overberg, Cape Winelands and Cape Metropole area – making us extremely accessible. Plus you’ll have the benefit of the best prices on our farm-fresh meat products when you order directly from us.

AJ’s winter chicken picks


  • There’s nothing quite like a whole chicken, perfect for a family roast to warm the heart on a chilly winter’s day.
  • Fillets are ideal to have in your freezer to haul out for any cooking occasion, such as making a stew, a pie, or simply to make grilled or oven-baked chicken breasts.
  • Our wings on a stick provide a little spice and flavour to heat things up this winter. The garlic and red wine sauce in particular is a tasty winter option.
  • Chicken burger patties are a healthier option for burger lovers (try it with mushrooms if you’re on a banting diet).
  • Don’t forget to use our chicken bones to create delicious homemade broths to promote a healthy and strong immune system this winter.

Order our free-range chicken (or any of our other products). Our price list is available here.