Hanskraal Free Range

Quality is our passion

The result? Our free-range animals not only lead much healthier and happier lives, they also produce meat that is healthier and tastier too. 

Our Hanskraal Free Range promise to you:

Quality is our passion. 

– That means our animals are raised in an environment that allows them to live a quality life, in a stress-free environment. On our Hanskraal farm, they have access to our outdoor farm facilities, as well as indoor facilities.

– We also ensure the quality of our product through the food our animals eat: We only source natural food which is free of additives, hormones and chemicals. 

Here’s how we operate: 

In order for our chickens to enjoy the quality we strive for, we chose to do things differently at Hanskraal Free Range. We keep our numbers to a strict minimum – so that our chickens have ample space to access and enjoy. They roam freely on our green grass, foraging for natural foods. And can head back into their chicken houses should they choose to do so (especially during spells of rain).

In the chicken houses, we provide additional natural nutrition to them, which is free of antibiotics and other chemicals (in fact, we provide specially formulated free-range food). At night, all our chickens are kept safe from natural predators in our well-ventilated chicken houses.

Our sheep and lambs make use of our country fields during the autumn, winter and spring months – where they live and feed on our planted Lucerne camps and other planted grasses. We add straw bales to their diet, and during the warmer months, also provide additional natural nutrition (we’ve developed this nutrition ourselves, to ensure nothing that is unnatural for the animals is included) in smaller camps. They’re also free of those chemicals that may stimulate unnatural growth, like antibiotics.

We strive to give excellent care throughout the lifespan of the animals. They also do not have to be transported in any stressful environments off our farm to any abattoir. And this in turn also helps infuse a distinct natural flavour in our quality meat products.

Hanskraal Free Range is home to our herd of cows that are raised on our country camps. They also enjoy our tasty Lucerne (and a range of other grasses). Aside from our own farm-reared cows, we also source beef from our trusted partners. For us, quality is our passion – and we never compromise on that.

We work with trusted free-range partners who farm with pigs in the Overberg. Because pigs cannot stomach foods such as dry grass, these pigs are kept in camps, and are fed crops such as oats and barley, as well as natural pig meal when necessary (to give them extra nutrients should they need it). Our partners care deeply for the animals and their welfare. And they are therefore a natural fit to our Hanskraal Free Range brand.

Find our Free Range products

Hanskraal Free Range products are transported from our farm, to your door. We cover five routes across the Overberg, Cape Winelands and Cape Metropole area. These routes include: Cape Town & the Cape Winelands | Overstrand | Cape Agulhas | Struisbaai, Agulhas and Bredasdorp | Swellendam. We also sell our free range products at a few select stores in the Overberg. 

What our customers say:

“Daar is by my geen twyfel dat die kwaliteit van die Hanskraal produkte van die hoogste gehalte is. Kyk net na die verpakking dan sal julle verstaan wat ek bedoel: net die beste. Ek ondersteun hulle al van die begin af en het nog nooit ’n probleem met enige produk gehad nie. Ek glo vas die smaak van hulle hoeder is ongeewenaar.”

– Gidri Joubert

“Hanskraal hoender is heilsaam, vullend en geurig. Elke verpakking is higiënies en pynlik netjies verpak. My gesin én gaste smul keer op keer aan die heerlike hoender: van dytjies en boudjies tot Sondag heel hoender in die oond en smullekker gebraaide sosaties in MSG en suikervrye souse!!” 

– Amri van der Merwe 

“I prefer Hanskraal’s chicken products because they offer excellent quality at a competitive price. The quality is especially noticeable when I cook Hanskraal chicken thighs; the chicken doesn’t shrink as is the case with most other brands. Their high standards ensure that you’ll consistently receive a high-quality product.”

– Marié van der Walt


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