Hanskraal Free Range

Quality is our passion

Not only do we strive to pack a quality product, but it is also important that our animals are continuously and consistently cared for.


Overberg, South Africa

Phone: 082 680 0820

Email: order@hanskraal.co.za

Office hours: 8am to 5pm

Excelsior office: 028 514 2707

Contact AJ du Toit:
082 777 7357 or aj@hanskraal.co.za



What our customers say:

“I prefer Hanskraal’s chicken products because they offer excellent quality at a competitive price. The quality is especially noticeable when I cook Hanskraal chicken thighs; the chicken doesn’t shrink as is the case with most other brands. Their high standards ensure that you’ll consistently receive a high-quality product.”

– Marié van der Walt

“I have known AJ du Toit for the past 32 years. I consider myself to be very picky when it comes to meat, how it’s processed, and its quality. But I realised years ago that AJ is much more particular than I am. He took that ‘recipe’, and 10 years ago, started the Hanskraal brand. And may I say, he’s taken it to a unprecedented next level.” 

– Gidri Joubert

“Hanskraal hoender is heilsaam, vullend en geurig. Elke verpakking is higiënies en pynlik netjies verpak. My gesin én gaste smul keer op keer aan die heerlike hoender: van dytjies en boudjies tot Sondag heel hoender in die oond en smullekker gebraaide sosaties in MSG en suikervrye souse!!” 

– Amri van der Merwe 


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